Hurry… Amazing new app just launching.

Have you heard about the exciting new platform that lets you share your expertise in any area and make money helping other people?

Right now there’s no cost to join so you can check it out for free.

It uses a cell phone app to connect people so everyone can use it.

The app and interface is easy and intuitive to use so there’s no learning curve to keep you from making money right away.

I have a a referral code that you can use to get started today. The code is: EW455617

With that code you can get access to experts for 10 minutes each for only $1. In a few weeks the experts will be able to set their own rates, so check this out as soon as possible.

Don’t wait to get in on this because I don’t know how long it will be free to join.

Sign up and become an expert on the platform. What is your expertise? What are your hobbies?The topics can be anything you’re good at, and you can get paid for answering questions about what you already know and do.

The app is called Owwll. That’s owl with two w’s and two l’s.

Owwll – Instant 1-on-1 advice.

Think a ‘best of’ edition of Google, Cameo, and Clubhouse, all rolled into one App. Owwll is an App where you can get advice through secure, private, live voice calls, tailored specifically to your questions, and INSTANTLY when you need it.

Remember, use this referral code when you enroll: EW455617

Now back to your regularly scheduled program. Have a superfantastic day!

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