Do you love audio Books?

Are you like me, so busy that it is hard to find time to sit down and read a book, no matter how good that book may be. Do you listen to audio books while you drive your car or when you work out? Do you just prefer to listen to audio books from your phone? Or maybe you like to listen to a book sometimes and also have a copy to read when the right time presents itself.

Well, today is your lucky day. The Audible version of Hindsight: They 7 Keys to Living Your Best Life just landed on Amazon and Audible. The book has been brought to life wonderfully by the super talented, Ric Chetter.

Hindsight is now available in audio format, so you can listen at your computer, or on your phone when you’re on the go, or while you are doing other things.

The entire unabridged recording is less than 5 hours long, so you will be able to enjoy the whole book in an afternoon or in just a few trips in your car or workouts at the gym.

Hindsight has received all 5-Star reviews, so you know you are getting really valuable content.

And, in case you are still on the fence about reading or listening to the book, here are two recent messages I received from people who have read or are reading the book now…

“I have been looking all my adult life for a way to shut-up the negative self-talk that was embedded in me through childhood and early adulthood – and Borrowed Belief [a idea shared in the book] is the first thing that has worked! A simple yet monumentally effective concept.”

And this one…

“To be honest, I had only left off on page 8 this morning… I just got to the bottom of page 27 and I’m speechless. The timing of this book is impeccable and before you even get into the “7 Keys”. This is the reminder I needed as I approach this new chapter of my life. Thank you. My review will be continued, just had to share my initial shock.”

If you don’t yet have a subscription to Audible Books, you can use my –> special promo link <– to get a free 30 day subscription with access to Hindsight as your first listen.

If you already have Audible, then you can use just one Audible credit to get Hindsight

If you don’t have any credits at the moment, this –> special promo link <– will let you buy Hindsight for the highly discounted price of just $13.08. But hurry. the discounted price is only temporary.

As always. Please leave a review on Amazon after you’ve read, or listened to the book. Your reviews help other decide to read the book.

Thanks for reading and listening to Hindsight: The 7 Keys to Living Your Best Life

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