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Today’s reading choice

Living To Win by Bo Short. I’m already loving this book. Right off, Bo included one of my favorite quotes from Sir Isaac Newton about standing on the shoulders of giants. Later, he shares the story of Walt Disney’s wife at the dedication ceremony of Disney World, which happened after Walt had passed away. A…

Recommendation for “Notes from the Universe”

Whoops… I did it again. Took a little nap, had a few dreams, and worlds were born. Planets spun and cooled. Continents rose and fell. And civilizations clashed and united.

Actually, it’s quite good fun. But I also dreamed I was you, Earl. And in that dream, for a spell, I didn’t remember I was also the Universe.

It was frightful, actually. Just about scared me to death until, as you, I slowly remembered who I was. And in those waking moments, it was as if the earth shook, the seas danced, and the skies rejoiced almost as much as myself. As if they were waking up, too. It was the most beautiful, sublime, intoxicating rush of pure joy I think I’ve ever known.

How I wish I could tell you more. But like a farmer eager for the new crop, any rush to harvest would spoil the yield. Besides, words would utterly fail me.

Fidgeting madly,
The Universe